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3 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Hi Greg,
    I have Photo of yellow chat nest you requested on our trip with Mike Fidler, but can’t get it to post here, if you still want it please e mail me and i will post on return.
    PS thanks for a magic morning.

  2. Hi Greg
    I went on the Sunset tour in late September 2015. It was an absolute highlight of my trip to the wonderful Kimberley-so incredibly beautiful, diverse and interesting. I enjoyed learning about the lake and the wildlife in and around it, particularly communing with the Archer fish and seeing all the majestic birds going about their lives. Having a swim in the lake and partaking of the drinks and snacks floating by was divine; one of those moments I’ll never forget. There were also two bush fires that added another set of colours to the sunset vista.
    One question-Did we go past an island called Spider Island? My Nana, who encouraged me to spend time in the Kimberley talks about a small isle in L. Argyle that is full of huge spiders. Perhaps she’s having me on…
    Thankyou so very much for a gorgeous tour. If I come to the Kimberley again (which I’d love to do) I’ll do the Birdwatching tour.
    Best wishes

  3. Had a wonderful informative “Best of Lake Argyle” cruise yesterday. Great scenery some wildlife,excellent guide. Very impressive, would thoroughly recommend! !

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