Somewhere in the remote wilderness of the Kimberley region in the far north of Western Australia, there is a magnificent lake set amongst some of the most spectacular scenery on earth!!

Lake Argyle – Australia’s largest freshwater lake!!

Encompassing an area of up to 2000 square kilometres, this lake supplies clean freshwater to a thriving agricultural system and a clean source of energy (hydroelectric) to the East Kimberley region, including the world’s largest diamond mine.

The lake is a unique ecosystem home to an amazing array of wildlife – 25,000 Freshwater crocodiles, 26 species of native fish, 90 islands which are home to various marsupials and reptiles and approximately one third of Australia’s bird species which at times, can number in the tens of thousands.

There is no better way to capture all of this outstanding beauty than to take a cruise with Lake Argyle Cruises. We offer a selection of tours catering for the individual traveller as well as large tour groups.Specialised charters such as bird watching, bush walking and exploration can be arranged with prior notice.

The Team

Between skippers Greg Smith and Matt Kelly they have over 26 years of experience on the lake.

Greg Smith – With 15 years experience on the lake Greg holds a vast knowledge on the history and ecosystem of Lake Argyle. His real passion is birdwatching. With at least one hundred species of birds at the lake at any one time he can spread his knowledge on one of the very informative birdwatching cruises.

Matt Kelly – Greg’s right hand man, Matt has over 11 years experience on the lake of which seven have been skipper for Lake Argyle Cruises. He prides himself on his wealth of knowledge on the Lake, and in particular the Durack family history.